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You don't have to hide your smile because of a missing or damaged tooth. Come to Soder Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN and let our experienced dentist cover up the damage or gap with a permanent prosthetic insert such as a crown or a bridge.

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Missing teeth can also be replaced by bridges, which are held in place by implants. This surgical procedure attaches a crown via an implant to the jawbone. You can opt for this procedure if you're in good health and have sufficient bone to hold the implant in place.

Bridging a gap with implants

You don't have to live with deformed or damaged teeth. A crown, made from gold, non-precious metal alloys, porcelain, or a mix of these, goes over a tooth. Besides looking good, a crown will also support a weak or fractured tooth over which it has been cemented.

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Dental bridges do exactly that. A false tooth, called a pontic, replaces a missing tooth, while being held together on either side by crowns. These crowns are cemented to healthy teeth on either side of the gap. Bridges are made from gold alloys, non-precious metals, porcelain, or a combination of these.

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