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At Soder Dentistry, we do more than just general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. You can also trust us to successfully carry out oral cancer screenings. This gives a clear picture of the health of your mouth and the other parts of your mouth.

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Oral cancer can surface in different parts, including the face, lips, gums, mouth, throat, tongue, and salivary glands. Our experienced doctor can recognize the signs early so that you can begin treatment before the disease progresses.

Early detection of oral cancer

Scans will be performed and your maxillofacial and oral regions will be examined by the dentist and hygienist.

Our experienced eyes will look for pathologic changes that are often early signs of cancer. These include red patches, white patches, sores, and lumps.

Get the correct diagnosis

Come to our office and get your mouth checked for signs of oral cancer. Our experienced doctor will perform an extensive check and will advise you on how to go forward.

Do You Feel Something is Not Right with Your Mouth?

Oral Cancer Diagnosis Performed

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